The Culinary Experience

Develop an understanding and appreciation for nutrition and the health benefits of the foods you enjoy, by joining us in a warm, fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in our Living Science Wellness Centre Kitchen. Plan an unforgettable day or evening revolved around nutritious food, while blending and savouring delicious recipes that will inspire you to eat healthier in a way that you understand and easily put into practice on a daily basis.

Holistic nutrition is a rapidly growing area of healthcare that is founded on the principles that optimal health and vitality are achieved through systemically harmonizing and balancing the body. This is achieved through diet and lifestyle changes specific to you.

Our classes, workshops and programs teach about;

  • the power of food as medicine and nourishment
  • our culinary heritage and the healing essence of food
  • experimenting with taste and flavours
  • how to cook healthy – really cook with fresh ingredients – through lecture, demonstration and hands-on experience.

To learn more, visit the Living Science Wellness Centre or call us 613-836-7901, we are here for your health!


Recipe of the Month

Warming Hemp & Turmeric Tea